A-gifting we will go…

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We had some early Christmas deadlines this week – the kids were done with school for the year as of Friday so they had to get their presents done for their teachers.

My son (who is 5) and I knitted a scarf together (he drove the needles, I drove the string). It’s kind of short because, well, his attention span isn’t terribly long and there were only so many times I could get him to work on it. But she (the teacher) loved the final product anyway.

Picture here

That’s him modelling it. I swear that my son is not possessed. Well, I’m pretty sure… ok, maybe he is, but it’s his sister who’s really scary.

Being 7, she made a scarf for her teacher, start to finish all by herself (ok, I did help with the casting on and binding off, but she did 99% of the thing). She used giganto needles so that the scarf would be sufficiently long – notice how cleverly she picked a yarn that matches the school colors on her uniform. Her teacher was also very grateful for the thought and the gift.

Picture here

Here she is, modelling it. Note the angelic expression. Don’t be fooled. She’s way scarier than her brother.

Picture here

My mom loved the scarf I made for her. She wore it all day today and got lots of compliments, even from the random woman selling knitted stuff and pottery by the side of the road. Made my head swell up something fierce. I think I’ll recover, though.

In other news, it looks like the Christmas gift frenzy is officially underway! The kids got their first presents of the season from Grandma because we won’t see her again until next year. An electric guitar for the boy, some art stuff for the artsy girl.