Merry Christmas to all!

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Remember how I thought I might work on the scarf yesterday? Hah. I forgot about my plans for massive cooking, and the poor scarf sat untended. I made a kabocha pie and some more sweet potato bread pudding, and we chowed on ham and other yummy stuff. I didn’t manage to finish the peanut butter balls but I can make those today (they simply require dipping in chocolate). After dinner, there was a massive present opening frenzy, and the kids seemed happy with their hauls. I’m certainly happy with my haul, including an ice cream maker and some gorgeous earrings.

This morning the kids were kind enough to sleep in until *7* AM (I remember getting up at

4:30 when I was a kid) so I’m relatively awake. They loved their presents, the Wellington in the oven, kids playing a video game… I can *finally* sit down and work on the Irish Hiking Scarf. I am so ready for some knitting time.

Wishing everyone out there the merriest of holidays.