New Book on MEAP: Irresistible APIs

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CoverAPIs have been exploding across the internet for several years now, but we are just now getting to the point where the industry can start implementing best practices in design.  Up until now, most APIs have been designed at the architecture level, figuring out what the backend system does and exposing that functionality to users in the most direct way possible.  Unfortunately, this does not make for a usable API, and we need to start moving to a new system – a process to build APIs that are easy to understand, clear, and a delight to use.  I’m writing a book describing a better way of creating APIs that are irresistible to developers and companies – Web APIs that have the best chance of being successful.

The book is in early preview on the Manning Early Access Program, and you can download a sample chapter, purchase the book, and help me to make it the best book possible for API creators.