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Quick Docker Getting Started

4 minute read

Docker’s cool.  I mentioned this before, but hadn’t really made a great example for you to use for your own nefarious purposes… until now.

Promises, promises

1 minute read

This has got to be the fifty-bazillionth post about javascript promises with the same title out there, but I had a very particular problem I was trying to so...

Glue-ing together APIs for GlueCon

1 minute read

Last year, at Defrag, I made my IoT rube goldberg machine made up of a sphero, hue lightbulb, raspberry pi and my drone.  I might have accidentally almost at...

New Book on MEAP: Irresistible APIs

less than 1 minute read

APIs have been exploding across the internet for several years now, but we are just now getting to the point where the industry can start implementing best p...

Ask the Princess: Episode 1

7 minute read

This is the first in a series of posts entitled “Ask the Princess.”  I am a princess and a polymath, and I’ve got lots of opinions and experience around vari...