Ask the Princess: Episode 1

This is the first in a series of posts entitled “Ask the Princess.”  I am a princess and a polymath, and I’ve got lots of opinions and experience around various things.  Topics covered here will be mostly about building APIs, but can cover martial arts, parenting, politics, or anything else anyone chooses to ask me […]



Docker for Simple Use Cases

As you probably know, I work as an API Evangelist at Akamai, and we’ve been working to decrease the learning curve for getting started with our APIs.  We’ve got an excellent online tutorial and our evangelists travel around giving workshops to our customers so they can get some hands-on experience using the system. Unfortunately, the system […]

Connect All the Things!

At Defrag this year, I gave a presentation entitled “Connect all the things” – a demo of connecting 4 IoT devices together in a rube goldbergy fashion.  The theory was this: My computer ran a node.js server which controlled the sphero and the Philips Hue lightbulb My raspberry pi had a light sensor and a […]


Amazing Street Art

In London, I stayed at the Hoxton Hotel, and was treated to an amazing transformation outside of my hotel window.  Note that these pics were taken in panoramic mode on my iPhone 5s, and I claim no excellent technique or even motivation to do anything other than share this beautiful art.  As far as I am […]

API Playground

As a developer evangelist who frequently works with other developer evangelists, we sometimes find it hard to get people to understand what’s awesome about APIs. I’ve gotten pretty good at API 101 – teaching people what an API is and how it can create opportunities for a company, but now I’m ready to move on […]


API Codex (previously API Alchemy)

One of my first projects at 3scale is API Codex – a centralized portal for great information about APIs around the web.  There are many fantastic articles, presentations and books available for people to learn about APIs, but nowhere for folks to find them all – until now! I’m very excited about this, not just […]


At the API Strategy and Practice conference, I gave a workshop on API 101 (slides).  I was lucky to have my actual mother in the audience so I could make “Even your mom can understand” jokes, which was great (I got her permission first, and kudos to her for letting us gently tease her in […]

Quantifying your Fitness 1

At OSCON last week, I gave a presentation on Quantifying your Fitness. It was well received, and most people were quite amused to see me wandering the conference with 5 fitness devices (6 if you count my iPhone). You’re welcome to check the slides out for more detailed information, but as I suspect most readers […]

“Working” from Home 2

Telecommuting has been all the buzz this past week, with Yahoo eliminating work from home options for their fulltime telecommuters (but you can still wait for the cable guy!) and Best Buy following their lead soon after.  The articles covering these changes are quite interesting in their slant. From Mashable, Best Buy’s announcement was spun […]

Happy Developers

I’ve always been all about removing barriers to help people get where they want to go.  It’s how I get gratification from my work, my play, my entire life.  This week at the amazing API Strategy and Practice Conference I’m surrounded by engaged, curious, challenging people who are committed to bringing the API world to […]