Washcloths! Dishcloths!

1 minute read

The day I decided to start knitting (because my visiting friend was so enthusiastic) we went to one of the LYS’s around here, The Golden Fleece. It’s a pretty nice place, but they’re remodeling and their book section was a little parched. I bought some nifty cotton yarn and 3 books there, including one called “10, 20, 30 minutes to Knit.” This innocuous little book seemed, to my untrained eye, pretty cool, and it had a couple of washcloth patterns which sounded rather doable. So off I went to learn to knit and purl to get ready for my Dishcloth Debut.

Then I started actually trying to knit one of their dishcloth patterns and I would probably have stopped knitting forever if I were less stubborn – what a crappy pattern. 18 different rows (there were diagonal bumpy parts) so it was really hard to get into any sort of rhythm. Yuck. So I decided the book was lame but remained somewhat intrigued by the washcloth idea and committed to knitting stuff.

When I was at my fairly fabulous other LYS (The Yarn Place) the other day, I mentioned that I had been working on a washcloth to practice my stitches, and she said “That’s what God made washcloths for!” Which hadn’t occurred to me, but it made perfect sense. Who cares if your stitches are completely even if they’re going to be scrubbing pans or wiping hands. What a fabulous notion!

My washcloth plan was reignited, and I went web-hunting for dishcloth patterns. Sure. Dishcloth patterns. Who would create a site for something so mundane? But there’s a place for everything on the internet… The Dishcloth Boutique. It’s actually really cool! With excellent java navigation allowing you to quickly browse the choices. I’ve got tons of cotton yarn to work with so my stitches should be beautiful in no time and I’ll have some fabulously fun looking dish/wash cloths for my guests to admire.

But right now I really need to finish up that Irish Hiking Scarf and then the funky hat I’m planning, and then, and then… well, who needs sleep. Enough messing with my blog template, back to some actual work coding, then I have to prepare for the Girl Scout meeting, and then maybe tonight I’ll get to knit some more.