A whole week?

Man, it’s been a week since I updated my site. I feel like such a flake. My friend is still in the ICU at Stanford, and I got a chance to visit her yesterday. It was really nice to be able to see her and talk to her… I felt better having visited. I’ve been responsible for all the updates to her many supporters and it’s been a very hard week. I had a cold early in the week so couldn’t work out or visit my friend until yesterday… ugh. Not a good week.

On the plus side, I finished Sherbet:

Picture here

Sherbet is the “Paula’s Perfect Project” pattern from The Yarn Girls’ Guide to Kid Knits. I used Tahki Chat, carried double to get the gauge and warmth I wanted. I learned a lot of new skills on this project – there is no single piece I did fewer than 2 times. But I’m very happy with it, it’s super cute and it will look adorable on Kaily. It was a fast knit even with my obsessive frogging, all done on 13’s and 11’s. One reason I like the book so much is that it uses ‘real’ yarn instead of tiny fingering baby yarn. And still the sweater is nice looking and I think it will work out great.

In fitness news, oday I ran in a 3K race to kick off my racing season – it was very fun and I felt great – then came home to our super bowl party and had a bunch of yummy junk to eat. Just generally a good day all around. Even my previously sick kitty was in a good enough mood to play in his cat tree… I think the insulin dose we’re using is just right for him, finally.

Picture here

That’s my Boy peeking around from behind the tree – Stormy usually doesn’t want to play with him but today he thought it was fun.

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