API Codex (previously API Alchemy)

One of my first projects at 3scale is API Codex – a centralized portal for great information about APIs around the web.  There are many fantastic articles, presentations and books available for people to learn about APIs, but nowhere for folks to find them all – until now!

I’m very excited about this, not just as a learning tool for the community, but also as a technical project – I used semantic mediawiki to create a site where you can explore the data space by tag, category or author, and we can add more ways to learn about the space based on date or other factors.  We’re looking forward to seeing how people use the site and adapting it to what people want and need.

We’ve got links to articles by industry leaders on API Design, hypermedia, business cases and tutorials. We’re always looking for more suggestions as well. If you’re wanting a quick intro to the API world, you can go directly to our API 101 page, which is a great jumping-off point to learning about the system.

Since we’re focused on APIs, I’m looking forward to adding sentiment analysis about the articles, using a link shortener API, and adding other ways to discover new great information in the space.

Take a look, contact us at @apicodex on twitter or apicodex@3scale.net.

If you’re interested in talking to me about the semantic mediawiki experience and setup, let me know.  It’s a fantastic system and really allows for the development of an interesting semantic system.


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