Back in Action

It’s been awfully hard getting back on the horse this week. My friend is still in the hospital, and I had an annoying cold. Wednesday I made it to martial arts, but I was much worse on Thursday so I took a few days off and then today I did the Santa Cruz Super Bowl 3K (I know, 3K, woo, but it was fun). I walked/ran and did it in 23:30, so about 13 minute miles. It’s a start, I’m proud to have gotten out there.

My kids did the kids 1k and got ribbons:

My mom did the 3k with me (I don’t have a pic of me running yet):

All in all, a fun race. The next race I’m planning is a 12K across the Golden Gate bridge on 3/20 so I’d better get cracking on the training!

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