Back on the Horse

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Food: Picture here

Exercise: Picture here

Run/Walk 1/2 minutes: 35 minutes, 2.25 miles, 350 calories

Martial Arts class: 45 minutes

Chantico, yes. Rest of day: pretty good, I actually just didn’t eat enough… so my protein was lacking and so was my fiber. Calorie wise it was nifty though

The running was great, although it kicked my ass. During the running intervals I’m trying to go 6 MPH which is faster than my usual running pace (closer to a 14 minute mile than a 10 minute mile). My heartrate goes way up so the workout is hard, but I want to see if I can increase my speed, and since I’m only running 1 minute out of 3 this seems like the time to try… my heartrate recovers fine (down to 130) before I start the next segment so I think it’s a good strategy.

Bless my husband for letting me use his ipod. Mine is apparently too old – the Apple store no longer carries power cords for the thing. Ugh. Running is a lot more fun when you’ve got fun music to run to!