Bad Blogger

Yes, as the header says, I understand that I’m a bad blogger. I know we have this relationship, this writer/reader thing, and in order to hold up my end of the bargain I need to actually write something periodically. What have I been doing instead? I’d love to say that I’ve been doing some fabulously crafty thing so I can regale you with pictures and win back your love, but really, truly, what I’ve been doing is… driving.

I’m hoping to find someone to sponsor me for a Frequent Driver Mileage program. My daughter just started Pop Warner Cheerleading this year, and it seemed like a much better idea before we moved – now the practice site is at the other end of the county (which is, of course, on the other end of the traffic) so my evenings are completely controlled by getting her to practice from 5:30 to 7:30, every single weekday.

Sadly, you can’t knit while you drive. I would spend the time listening to a book on tape but both kids want to talk to me, so we do that. Devon and I generally find someone’s house to hang out at, or something else to do for her cheer time, so it’s not terribly wasted time, but I am away from the house from 4:00 ’till 8:00 most evenings, so I’ve just plummetted in my domesticology skills.

I dunno. Is it worth it?

Picture here


I’ll be out of town next week, so I’m taking Friday off from my job to take the kids to the circus. The real one, the Ringling Bros. 3-ring circus with the animals and scary clowns and the human cannonballs. Strangely, I am actually looking forward to this – the last time I saw a real, big circus I was about 6 years old.


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