Birthday time

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I had a great birthday yesterday. We went to my favorite dinner spot and had a fun meal, and then we came home and had some cake which my fabulous husband baked for me (because you can’t get a bakery to make yellow cake which is my favorite):

Picture here

Why yes, that is a Barbie candle. No, I’m not 5. I just felt like having a Barbie candle, whaddya wanna make of it? In any case it was a prescient candle for the rest of my birthday.

I got a bunch of cool stuff in a ‘pink’ motif – a pink cashmere sweater from J. Jill (with pink chenille socks), some fabulous earrings in pink mother-of-pearl with rose gold, and from my amazingly crafty and cool friend made me the most wonderful birthday present:

Picture here

My name, and “Domestigirl”. Stitched in Pink! It is just so cool. That thing dangling down from the (pink!) ribbon is a yarn cutter – she pointed out that if you have scissors, people tend to ‘borrow’ them and you never see them again. This yarn cutter is a very specific tool and you can’t do anything but cut yarn, so everyone else leaves it alone.

After my stressful week, I’m tempted to call the Mobile Yarn Sales lady and see if she has any yarn that I need. It sounds so decadent, having someone bring yarn to my house to feed my addiction. I could lie on the chaise, being fanned by my husband, eating peeled grapes, and have her bring my yarn right to me. Or, you know, I could just get back to working on the Irish Hiking Scarf. We’ll see…