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A Static Publication Process
Fitbit - the Best Activity Tracker for Hackers and Makers
Irresistible APIs Book
Becoming a Polyglot
Hacking a Philips Hue Remote API in Node
Telling Your Story: Speaking for Non-Speakers
Quick Docker Getting Started
Promises, promises
Glue-ing together APIs for GlueCon
New Book on MEAP: Irresistible APIs
Ask the Princess: Episode 1
Docker for Simple Use Cases
Connect All the Things!
Amazing Street Art
API Playground
Quantifying your Fitness
“Working” from Home
Happy Developers
Review: Intermediate Perl
Asking Questions Well
Handling SMS Responses from Twilio using Django on Heroku
Sending SMS Notifications using Twilio, Django and the Heroku Scheduler
Documenting your API with IODocs on Heroku
Hiring Generalists
iPhone Beta Software: A Cautionary Tale
Hackdays: Playgrounds for the Imagination
The Price of a Monopoly
Doing what you Love
Race Training
Upping my Game by… Running Games
Targeted Sharing via Google+ Circles
The 30 Day Blog Fitness Challenge
Silicon Valley iOS Developer Meetup
Browsing your LinkedIn Connections by Industry
Adding HTML5 Local Storage to Your Web App
Watching Craigslist Feeds using Safari or Mac Mail
Another Chance to Get it Right
Enhancing your JQuery Website with the Facebook Graph
The Intersect has Launched
Tracking Fitness
Creating Netflix Widgets from Freebase Queries
Accessing Amazon’s Product Advertising API with Python
The End of a Decade?
Tone Deaf Content Owners
Falling into Autumn
Ignite! Talks at OSCON
Graph Databases are the New Black
Open Source iPhone Development at OSCON
Taking my application by LoadStorm
Ada Lovelace Day
Installing OpenCV on OS/X with Python
Python Netflix API
Tummy update
Yet Another Way for the BSA to Discriminate
The Trials and Tribulations of my Tummy
Finding people on Twitter
Twitter badge with location
Hacking on Freebase
Shameful Kindle Love
Projecting and Reacting
Graduating to Grownup Math
You’re either with us…
Mathing up for robotics
Chapter two, in which Pooh, suffering from brain damage, doesn’t realize the obvious
Welcome to the Polymath Palace!
What’s old is new again…
One Leetle Sock
Getting something done
The Universe in Reverse
Django is great^h^h^h^h^hfrustrating
Ravelry and Saucery
Configurable FreeSpin
Flex and Flickr and DisplayShelf
Working like Sheep
We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…
Creative Space
Perl Makes Good Programmers
Now I remember why I do this job…
Perl Docs vs. Other Docs
Conceptual Reference Books vs. Tutorials
Pragmatic (don’t be dumb) Programming
Brainstorming the day away
Enabling Collaboration
The Target Fugue State
Re-pacing myself
Psst… Slicehost rocks!
Freebasing at Metaweb
Cross posting to Socialtext
Moving things from here to there
What kind of blog is this?
Summer Salsas and Sangrias… and Sustainability
Working at Nerdvana
I’m moving!
Returning from the Deep
Kona Ranch House Cornbread
Tamale Pie
She changes everything she touches…
Social Software
Goodbye, Grandma
Victoria and her hat
Customer Service
Apple’s Customer Strategy
Up for air…
Once a month, ugh
It must be fall!
First Game!
Bad Blogger
Whirlwind Month
Interesting Times
In the Mail!
Scenes from Santa Cruz
Quest for Addis
Random Thrashing
The Dryer Ate It
Santa Cruz 1/2 Marathon
Sekrit Stuff
Upcoming Races
This one’s for you!
Happy Friday!
Revlon Run/Walk
Follow your instincts
She returns…
Vacation, all I ever wanted
One more interview!
Socks and Answers
Interview 3, Natalie’s Revenge!
Exercising! Honest!
Interview 2, the Spawning!
Sitting Pretty
Blogs are so demanding!
What a flaky blogger
Long weekend…
Odds and Ends and Socks
Secret Valentines!
Lion of Willpower
Pictures from Super Bowl Race
Knitting overload!
SHF: Lemon Sabayon Raspberry Cups
Quiet but Busy
What, no pictures?
A whole week?
Back in Action
Feeling Sorry for Myself
SP4 Questions
Rituals and Therapy
Healing thoughts…
Housekeeping and Fun Surprises!
Sur La Table!
Happy Monday!
Grumpy people and other oddities
… and then a not so nice couple of days
Nice couple of days…
Back on the Horse
Busy Sunday!
Rest day…
The Scarf of Damocles
Off and running!
Off to an ok start…
Sweet little things…
Eat Less! Exercise More!
Poor kitty…
Perfumer’s Apprentice
Happy New Year!
A finished object!
The Universal Sigh
Merry Christmas to all!
Now that’s more like it!
Next year, I’m starting in August
Breakfast Wellington
A-gifting we will go…
Birthday time
Ribbon Yarn Scarf
Busy Weekend
Sweet Potato Bread Pudding!
Knitting is Cool
Washcloths! Dishcloths!
Fabulous Thanksgiving Turkey
Greetings from DomestiGirl!
Lap Band Update