Blogs are so demanding!

My darned blog template only looks lovely when I actually, you know, *post* every now and then. How rude!

Well, that’s ok. I have stuff to show. I wanted to finish my first sockapalooza sock before I posted and I’m getting close. Look! It looked even better on my daughter’s foot, her foot is much closer to that of my pal, but I had to have something to show so here is the size 8 sock on my size 11 behemoth foot.

Picture here

I have learned many valuable lessons about making socks:

  • Stockinette stitch is pretty dull
    • It’s even dull when you switch off continental/american
      • … but stripy yarn does help.
        • Bamboo needles are kinda fragile, especially when you try to tug a small sock onto a big foot. Sometimes they break. Which sucks. And snags your yarn. Plus it’s kind of embarrassing.
          • Turning a heel isn’t very hard, as long as you just turn off your brain and follow the directions.
            • I like gussets. Who woulda thunk? </ul> I can’t wait until these are done (and something for Susan) so I can start on a pair of socks for MEEEEE! I have some koigu just waiting to be made into some lovely socks.

              I also have a lovely photo of Sherbet’s new owner:

              Picture here

              What? Why are you still pointing that camera at me? I did cute for the *last* picture!

              Picture here

              As you can see, fortune smiled on this new knitter and the sweater fits perfectly. I only hope she doesn’t eat any of the buttons!

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