Busy Sunday!

Well, I had lots of stuff to do on my list yesterday. Let’s see how I did…

First, to Knitting Arts for some stuff on my list:

Yarn for Kaily’s birthday sweater. 40% off! Ribbon yarn so it’ll knit up quick!

Picture here

A sock pattern and some yarn (for myself and my sockapalooza pal). Alas, they had no size 2 dpn’s…

Picture here

And a knitting kit for my flu-ridden daughter, which she set to with all the gusto possible for someone with a fever:

Picture here

Also ran into Gunilla, the founder of the Santa Cruz Stitch n Bitch. I have to get down there one of these Saturdays!

Then we headed to the mall to go to the Lego store (so Devon could get a goodie) and a bunch of other stores which didn’t have what we wanted. So off we went to Yarn and Rug Hut in Campbell (at this point my son was flagging seriously) and picked up my needles and something for my Knitty SP. The store was totally chaotic, but they had a great book selection, and I did get those size 2 dpns… and some size 4s so I can make *my* socks bigger for my size 11 feet.

Then we had a bunch of people over for tacos, tomalito, and homemade chocolate reeses ice cream. Not exactly a fabulous day for my fitness journal, but weekends tend to be like that… I did gift the Scarf of Damocles to its intended recipient and he was very happy with it, and I got to play with Kaily some more so it was a fun evening.

Oh, and the continental knitting? I did get started on that late last night. It went pretty well, I think. I am still somewhat slower than with the American style, but I’m getting better. The yarn I used was pretty splitty from previous learning attempts but the stitches look even and regular. I think I’ll try continental for the sweater and socks, we’ll see how that goes. Here’s the beginning of the Continental Washcloth:

Picture here

Thank heavens it’s Monday and I can get some rest!

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