Cross posting to Socialtext

A while back, at the Movable Type Hackathon, I created a Movable Type plugin which allows a blog author to crosspost a blog entry to a Socialtext wiki (with or without tags, as desired). For example, this entry simultaneously posted to my blog and the Socialtext Open workspace.

Now SixApart is looking for people to create plugins for their 4.0 beta version. I’ve decided to update the Socialtext posting plugin so it works with 4.0, and also add some better behavior in the process.

As an aside, I installed MT4 on my macintosh so that I could do this development, because my hosting company (sweet though they are) aren’t willing to install MT4 until it’s stable. I can live with that for now, although I might just do it myself if I get a wild hair. I’ve been playing with it for a couple of hours and have to say it’s really an amazing evolution from the previous version – much more intuitive and powerful. I’m quite impressed with the work done by the SixApart guys on this one.

Sadly, dropping in the 3.2 version doesn’t just magically work so I’ll need to do some fussing with it to get it working, but looking at the new API and example plugins I’m pretty excited to dig in and get it working.

If you’re hankering for the 3.2 version let me know, and I’ll put it somewhere people can get it. Or you can wait for the new shiny 4.0 version, which I’m planning to get done sometime this week.

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