Falling into Autumn

1 minute read

I’ve started a new job at Netflix (hurray!), making sure that our partner branded apps get certified quickly and effectively, and ensuring that our API meets their needs. It’s a great job, and I’m having a wonderful time. Netflix is exactly the kind of company I want to work for. You might have noticed, my imaginary computer friends, that I haven’t been blogging, but this is just because all the synapses in my brain have been occupied with the effort of ramping up on my new job. I’m no longer a telecommuter, but I do have a “corner office” with a “window” so that’s pretty excellent.

I’ve been scrambling recently with my “real life” and I realized that September is always like this – back to school this, boy scout that, prepare for holiday the other thing, just generally full of events. Having started back to martial arts (at Elite in Scotts Valley) even my unscheduled evenings are scheduled.

So, let’s see what this week looks like. Today my lunch hour will be spent at the Federal Building in San Jose with the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Trustee. Tonight is unscheduled, so I will head home, make some dinner, eat said dinner, go to martial arts, and then help the Boy with his homework. Then maybe we’ll have time to play a game or watch a movie.

Tomorrow is work-from-home day, which is great because it means I can take the Boy both to the Dentist and to the Doctor while getting my work done. Then he has Boy Scouts. And I may go to martial arts.

Wednesday looks like today. Thursday night Victoria and I are headed to a friend’s house to do henna. Friday I’ve scheduled and need to run her menarche ritual. Thankfully I’ve already bought all the things I need for that, although I still need to print out all the parts and gather together the pieces. And order a cake.

During the weekends I tend to feel guilty if I don’t “do things”, but perhaps I need to do a better job of reminding myself that a day of rest is not just for world-builders. Hanging out with my family is valuable, and models sane behavior. We all need to reset our brains and spirits or we run the risk of forgetting why we’re doing the things we’re doing.