Feeling Sorry for Myself

Food: Picture here

Exercise: Picture here

Martial Arts, 45 minutes

I disappeared for a week. I realize that. Actually last Tuesday I did martial arts, and then Wednesday morning my world was turned upside down when my best friend was critically injured in an auto accident. She’s still in the ICU and I’ve spent the last 5 days in a daze, crying and eating crap and generally feeling sorry for myself.

You know what, though? She would totally kick my ass for doing this. Totally. She would tell me to get off my lazy butt and get back to exercising, to eat right and take care of myself.

So today I dragged my droopy, depressed ass back to martial arts. Tomorrow I will run and do martial arts. I ate some *salad* and *protein* today. I am still weepy and sad and considering whether I need to get some wellbutrin. But I do not want to completely lose the momentum that I’ve gained, nor do I want her to yell at me when she does wake up.

Sunday I am going to run in that race. Oh yes I am. Maybe not very fast, but I’ll be running.


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