First Game!

The Itty Bitty’s team had their first game today… well, technically it was more of an exhibition pre-game kinda game, which is good because we didn’t exactly win. We only lost 6-0, though, which is not so bad considering their little guys were lots bigger than our little guys.

Here’s my daughter cheering on her valiant Sea Lions:

Picture herePicture here

Picture here Picture herePicture here

I’m going out of town tomorrow so I wasn’t even bright enough to bring anything to keep me entertained (except, obviously, for the all-important camera).

Did manage to get down to the Gap and pick up some “Curvy” jeans and other pants… and grab lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant which is, sadly, not very convenient from our new house. On the other hand, the Mexican food available in Watsonville is spectacular, so as always, there are tradeoffs.

Tomorrow I will be spending a fun and exciting 10 hours travelling between here and Ottawa. I could have made it in much less, but the Cisco Travel Network scolded me for being non-frugal, so I shall be languishing in the Chicago airport for 4 hours. It’ll give me a chance to work on the presentation I’m supposed to make on Wednesday, so that’s good. In fact, knowing I’ll have that layover has given me a good excuse to procrastinate on the presentation until now, so in a way it’s been very helpful.


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