Follow your instincts

2 minute read

So, I have these two fabulous ‘magical knitting’ books by Cat Bordhi, which describe the moebius method of knitting for cool twisty circular things. I had two moebius projects in mind – a stripy scarfy thing with the Cotton Stria for Susan (finally, something for Susan!) and a fuzzy felted cat bed for my kitty.

Both of these projects call for a size 15 needle, and the book says, very clearly, “You need a 47″ or 60″ circular for these projects. Anything smaller won’t work. Trust me, it won’t. Honest.” Or something like that. So I set off to my LYS and the lady there said “Oh, you don’t need a 47″ or 60″, I’ve never found a project that couldn’t be done on a 40″. And I’ve done some moebius things too!” Somewhat dubiously, I bought the 40″ Inox plastic needles (with a plastic cable) and set off home. After all, I’ve only been knitting for 4 months and she’s been knitting for years. Who am I to question her authority?

As it turns out, it’s almost certainly possible that *some* moebius projects can be done on a 40″. Probably the ones which aren’t on bulky yarn and wanting 100+ stitches cast on. I squished and squished until my fingers were sore but I could *not* get more than 100 of the 150 stitches needed for the kitty bed. Sigh. OK, I figured, I’ll just make Susan’s scarf. The yarn isn’t bulky, it’s worsted carried double (so, kinda ‘virtual’ bulky). It’s got 130 stitches… And it *kind* of works:

Picture here

Don’t those stitches look cozy all scrunched up there on the needle? This project has also been hurty on the hands. And while I’m whining let me just mention that I am not fond of the plastic Inox needles (and I love all my other Inox!) because between them and the not-very-stretchy cotton yarn I had to seriously fight to get the first round done. Yank, tug, pull… every stitch fought me with every fiber of its being, resisting my efforts to pull it up into a knittable spot on the squeaky plastic needle.

So, gentle reader, the moral of this story is… even if someone has lots more experience than you do, you don’t always have to take their word for it. The LYS lady doesn’t like 47″ and 60″ needles because they aren’t often needed. But yes, sometimes they are! Particularly when using the magical treasury books! So I shall hunt down some Addi Turbos in long lengths with lovely slippery metal cables for my kitty bed and treasure them all the more after my time wrestling with this scarfy project. Once it’s done, I will save these 40″ needles for some kind of lacy moebius headband thing in fingering weight yarn, or maybe donate it to some hapless soul.

On the bright side, the moebius thing is super fun to knit. I can’t wait until I start with the stripes!