Whew. It’s Friday. I got to see Star Wars yesterday morning and it was fun (not fantastic, but fun). I won’t ruin the story for you on the off chance that you’ve been lost in Antarctica for the last 30 years… but it was entertaining, and taking a few hours off to play hookie was pretty nice too.

I got some stuff done on my to-do list, including ordering a few things I need to complete the raffle prizes – I should get the things early next week and then I’ll send out your goodies.

For those of you reading with bloglines, look! Over there! «« I managed to get my little icon widgety thing to show up in bloglines! I feel so geeky. Oh wait, I’m an engineer, I’m already geeky. I guess it’s ok then. I didn’t go running this morning because work beckoned, but I will go this weekend. I am trying a new method of running, Chi Running, and although I feel a little silly doing some of this stuff while running in public I have to say that it actually seems to be working. His theory largely involves keeping your lower legs relaxed, leaning forward, and letting gravity and your quads do the work. I felt totally feeble and ineffective but kept working on it… and you know what? At the end of my 3 miles: My calves did not hurt at all (not even during the run, which is pretty uncommon); my knees and ankles felt great; and my quads felt like they’d been doing some serious work.

So tomorrow or Sunday I’ll get out there again with my shuffle and do it again. I haven’t exactly been slacking off… went to martial arts 3 times this week, ran one day. Which probably has a lot to do with my improved attitude. So all you readers out there, please do me a favor, ok? If you notice me starting to buzz and whine as if my internal fan is overheated, tell me to get off my ass and do something. Thank you.

I’ve been reminded that I didn’t really do a race report for Revlon. I have to say that it was incredibly crowded – I’ve never been around so many people in my life and it was somewhat overwhelming. On the other hand it was almost dizzying, realizing that all of those people had raised some money for cancer research. Very cool to be a part of something so powerful. Michelle and I weren’t able to run as fast as we wanted, but running across the finish line in the colloseum was pretty darned wonderful. Then we took the afternoon to hit a yarn shop and have some yummy lunch – it was nice to have a day just for me for once.

OK, I think that’s a sufficient amount of rambling for now. I dug the sock out of my computer backpack and dusted it off and I’m now to the heel flap – there’s some hope that the thing will start taking shape sometime soon! Which is great because I’m heading over to visit with Susan tonight (at her house!) and she’s probably going to think my pace is a little off.

Must remember… when I feel and act like an out-of-control whirling dervish, must exercise. Must.

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