Grumpy people and other oddities

The sherbet sweater is not moving very quickly, mostly because my last three days were jam packed full of other stuff. Sadly, not knitting, running, or cooking, but errands to get ready for the Girl Scout meeting (it went fine, thanks for asking!), a pastry making class, working, the actual Girl Scout meeting, shopping, and some random running around all day today.

The pastry making class at Sur La Table was super fun and I learned how to make a spectacular lemon saboyon tart, which I will make and post about tomorrow. I encountered these very grumpy people at the class – fortunately none of their attitude was contagious and we ended up working with some really fun women. And I got some excellent new books and toys, since it was just before the start of our new allowance scheme (whew!)

My daughter and I finally made it to the Santa Cruz Stitch and Bitch today, which was nice. She sold some Girl Scout Cookies and worked on her hat, and I realized that I had messed up one of the rows of Sherbet. In trying rip the row out in my usual haphazard way I managed to snap one of the connectors for my Denise needles (fooey)! Now I have to go find the blog where someone said they were able to get a replacement, or at least find someone who knows where their website might be found, because I’ve lost the documentation.

I have learned even more cool stuff working on this sweater – how to rip back several rows safely (thanks to the excellent pictures in the Vogue Knitting Ultimate Guide), how to knit continental with some confidence (thanks to the excellent instructional videos at Knitting Help). I’m itching to try socks but Kaily’s birthday is February 5 so I want to get this sweater done before then…

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have a finished piece to look at 🙂

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