Happy Monday!

Food: Picture here

Exercise: Picture here

Martial Arts, 45 minutes

Running: 30 minutes (2 miles)

This weekend was a big wasteland of tasty junk food and rump-sitting. I was supposed to go running with my friend yesterday but her son came down with a high fever so she couldn’t go. Spurred on by irresistable forces like this I managed to do not really anything this weekend.

But it’s Monday! So back on the treadmill with me – I’m up to 2 minutes running and 2 minutes walking. I toned down the ‘running’ speed to see if I could run for 2 minutes at 5 MPH without having my heartrate get over 170. The answer was… yes, the first 3 times. After that my body was a little more spiky with the heart rate but overall I’m pleased – when I’ve run previously I’ve had much more trouble with the spiking heart rate so I must be better conditioned than I thought, from all the martial arts I’ve been doing.

Only 2 weeks until my first event of the year – not anything spectacular, just the Super Bowl 3K, but I’m looking forward to it anyhow because then I’ll have a baseline for pace to improve upon.

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