Housekeeping and Fun Surprises!

I’ve moved all my cooking stuff to a separate blog named [DomestiGirl Cooks!]( Head over there to see my recipes and food musings</editorial note> Back to knitting! Yesterday our postal carrier was running very late and didn’t come until dark, so I was pleasantly surprised while making dinner when a package appeared on my doorstep from my [Knitty Secret Pal!]( ![Picture here]( What cool stuff! * A cool socky variegated ball of yarn to make some Sockapalooza socks with (she promises they won’t be itchy!) The great thing is that these autumn colors are just what my sockapalooza pal likes. * A nice cotton chenille with a pattern for an interesting dishcloth! No more boring stockinette stitch dishcloths! * An adorable pad of kitty note paper (aw) * Seeds from her garden, for mine – lots of cool seeds (including chenille 🙂 mostly ones which love full sun. Which is a Very Good Thing considering my house sits perched atop a very very sunny hill. And I was just contemplating getting some more flowers out in my yard, so the timing is great… * A very cool little soap. I can’t place the scent but it’s really very yummy. Smells almost like some of my Perfumer’s Apprentice scents. Mmmm…. Thanks, Secret Pal! You’re the best!

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