In the Mail!

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OK, all you fabulous raffle prize winners, your stuff is In The Mail! Thanks again for your support, and of course for everyone else’s support as well! If you get your gift and think ‘that’s odd, she didn’t put in a note’, you can think one of two things. Either I’m just not a note person and wanted to get the stuff out anyhow, or maybe yours fell out onto my floor and I didn’t notice. One of those is certainly true.

Big changes abounding around here! We’ve decided to sell our house because currently, in our county, house prices are unbelievably high and rents are really quite reasonable. So we’ll sell and rent for a while, then probably buy some land and build our own house on it. Which means, of course, that we’ve been cleaning house like mad – we rented a dumpster which is sitting in our driveway, and we had a yard sale on Saturday – and sold some books to the used book store on Sunday. We made $500 at the yard sale (woo!) and then I discovered that you get more store credit when you’re an actual real grownup selling nice books than when you’re a college student trying to hawk 20 year old pocketbooks. Last time I sold books at Logo’s (circa 1988) I got $32 in store credit and was deliriously happy. This time, we got $422 in store credit. And that was just our first run through the books. I am doing my best to remain strong and resist going back to turn that store credit back into books that I’ll just have to move later but oh man, $422. Doesn’t it make your heart sing?

In knitting news, well, did I mention I’ve been cleaning my house? And that I sent out the prizes? Also, I have a bit of an embarrassing admission. Do you remember when I broke my ebony dpn by trying a sock on my foot? Well, uh, this time I just plain stepped on my knitting bag. *crack* Man, I am a klutz. I should only knit on metal needles. So I still haven’t really started the heel flap for Susan’s eternal socks because in order to do that I’ll have to face the snapped ebony dpn. But they will come, have faith.

Still haven’t started on that kitty bed after all my whining and kvetching about the super long addi’s. Somehow it seems like more of a fall/winter project. Fortunately I bought a dog bed which the dog has snubbed. And my kitty is enormous. So he fits right in there and he thinks it’s heavenly. I’ll still make him a felted bed but now the pressure is off. Maybe I’ll actually join the JFM knitalong and make that emerald tank!

And speaking of Susan, which I was a couple of paragraphs ago, she got to come to my house for our Memorial Day barbecue! She’s doing so great, it’s just amazing.

In other news, please cross your fingers for my boy – he only has to make it through 7 more days of kindergarten, remembering to listen relatively well and resist the siren call of peeing on the trees and he’ll get a super cool ride-on toy. And school will be out.

OK, enough babbling for now. Oh no, wait, not quite enough. Other than the wharf-to-wharf which I’ll be doing in July (and maybe the Jungle Run too) it looks like I’ll be doing 2 races in October – the See Jane Tri Sprint Triathlon (it’s a little long for a sprint but whatever) and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon. With my friend who swore we wouldn’t run in San Francisco again. Why did she change her mind, you ask? I asked the same thing. And she said “They give all the finishers a custom made Tiffany necklace!” Well o-kay then. Why didn’t you just say so?

OK, now I’m done. No, really. I promise.