Interesting Times

You know that good old adage ‘may you live in interesting times’? I think I may have taken the interesting times thing a little too far (or maybe not realized that it was a curse).

I had a couple of really super lousy weeks at work so I’m looking to update my resume (even though the lousiness has abated, it seems like I should have a resume which I’ve tended to in the last 5 years). And really, I should get right on that. Except that we’re, uh, moving. To a new house. Our current house is right in the middle of this map. Our new house is one of the eyelashes on the mighty eye of Sauron. We’re selling our house and renting for a while, not because of all of the great financial advice to do so – I thought of it first, they must have all been spying on me.

So we’re packing! And packing! And selling things on craigslist because our house has 3,500 square feet and the new one has 2,000. We’ve sold a ton of stuff which is a big rush. And now our 3,500 square foot house looks even bigger. Oh, does anyone want a washer and dryer?

Oh, and I’ve been burning off all my excess energy and anxiety at martial arts – I’ve started a new one that I’m very fond of. Plus the main instructor is easy on the eyes, which is always helpful.

I have a race coming up on the 23rd, although my ability to train has been somewhat limited. I’m excited that I’m moving somewhere where I can walk to the beach in 5 minutes and drive to a great pool in 7 minutes. And the biking around my new house is totally awesome.

I suppose you’re wondering about knitting content. Well. Um. My yarn is packed. And my needles are packed. And my books… well, you get the idea. Hopefully I will be inspired to knit more when I move to the chilly end of town.


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