Interview 2, the Spawning!

OK, here’s the questions for the brave souls who volunteered to be interviewed. Remember, post the questions and answers on your own blog and then, you know, you’ll get other people to interview. It’s harder than it looks! I hope you all like your questions 🙂


  1. What kind of science do you do, exactly?

  2. Do you get most of your knitting inspiration from books, magazines, or websites?

  3. Which do you like better, cats or dogs?

  4. What are your favorite knitting needles?

  5. Why did you ditch your first blog, and what made you start it up again?


  1. It seems like everyone else has knit a clapotis except you and me. What’s up with that? Why no clapotis in La land?

  2. If someone wanted to walk/run with you for the Revlon run but didn’t raise any money, would they be allowed to come along if they ponied up the $25 reg fee?

  3. When do you get a turn with the left hand column on your blog?

  4. So, meme girl, what was your favorite quizilla quiz?

  5. What *is* Fox Force Five? 🙂


  1. I’m super jealous of all the chefs you’ve met through your cool job (at KQED?) Who was your favorite chef to meet and why?

  2. What’s your favorite Bay Area LYS?

  3. What foreign language(s) do you speak?

  4. How is your training going for the 1/2 marathons? (I ask because I’m thinking of doing the Nike women’s 1/2 marathon in October)

  5. What do you do to relax?


  1. Hot tea or iced? What flavor?

  2. What’s your favorite Christmas album?

  3. Where did you live before you moved to California, and why did you move?

  4. Tom Hanks or Russell Crowe? Discuss.

  5. Where do you want to visit that you’ve never been?


  1. If you could design a reality show that you would actually watch, what would it be?

  2. What is the strangest entry in the ‘search referrals’ section of your site statistics?

  3. Stinky cheese or squishy cheese? Discuss.

  4. What does your favorite bath/body/haircare product smell like?

  5. What’s your favorite season and why?


  1. How many balls of sock yarn do you have in your stash?

  2. I think it’s time for another round of ‘how did searchers find your blog’!

  3. Do you think that Locke (from Lost) is evil or just strange?

  4. Describe your favorite pizza.

  5. Cake or pie? Discuss.

OK, girls, I did my part! Answer on your blogs – I’ll look forward to seeing the results. Maybe we should have a contest to see if anyone can answer in fewer words than I used. Wouldn’t that be a challenge? 🙂


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