Interview 3, Natalie’s Revenge!

Actually her questions are very nice, I just had to come up with a relatively witty title and I’m kinda sleepy this morning.

Here’s my answers to Natalie’s reciprocal questions.


1. So update us on your New Year’s resolutions that you posted in January. How are you doing with them so far?

What? I posted resolutions? Yow! I did! I had completely forgotten about them! OK, here they are, with my current progress (or the adaptation) included.

I will do my very best this year to:

– Run in a race before June

I did the Santa Cruz Super Bowl 3k on Super Bowl Sunday. Then came back to watch the game. Granted, 3k is pretty unimpressive but I was happy with my time. This month on the 20th I’m doing the Emerald Nuts Across the Bay 12K where I will get to run across the Golden Gate bridge.

– Knit a sweater for me (maybe Blaze (but not in orange)

Sheesh. It’s 80 degrees here right now, a sweater sounds kind of dumb. I will adjust this resolution a bit to say ‘knit some kinda shirty thing for me’ since I have a zillion skeins of Noro Lily in this fabulous green color which is going to become a tank top sometime soon.

– Turn all these balls of cotton yarn in to dishcloths from the Dishcloth Boutique

Yeah, well, here’s the thing. I keep *trying* to start dishcloths. They should be cool, right? You start, then a little while later, you’re done. But I start one, do about 2 inches, and then grow unbelievably bored with the thing and frog it. I don’t think I’m a dishcloth girl. I’ll find something else to do with the cotton, I’m sure.

– Eat out for dinner no more than once a week

We’re doing much better with this, although still too much eating out. The extra stuff I’m doing because of my friend’s accident has made me quite stressed and I’m just getting back on my feet from that. But we’re cooking more than eating out! And we implemented an allowance scheme that discourages the gratuitous eating out.

– Take the time to buy and prepare relatively healthful food for myself and my family

Doing this much more – now I go to the Starbucks at the other end of town (it’s a little town) which shares the parking lot with a nice little market, so I can buy stuff in the morning to make for dinner. That works out very well. Tomorrow we (myself and the kids) will go to the farmer’s market after our martial arts classes.

– Attend at least 3 martial arts classes a week

Check! So far I’m doing great with this. This week I’ve been every day (M-Th) and I plan to go tonight and tomorrow as well. My running suffers when I focus on Martial Arts but there’s a tournament next weekend and I’m competing in the forms division and I don’t want to suck!

– Go back to pre-planning at least 48 hours ahead anything that causes me stress (girl scouts, get-togethers, anything where my tummy wrenches when I think about it)

I’m a little better at this. And thank heavens, the other moms in the girl scout troop pretty much took it over when Susan got hurt so that I could focus on helping her and her family… I did get somewhat depressed but am back on wellbutrin and doing much better now! Talk about TMI, eh?

– Move myself closer to zen mastery

Uh, not yet. Maybe I can work on that during the summer 🙂

Pretty good, actually! Not bad considering I completely forgot that I had these goals at all.

  1. What’s your favorite board game?

Scrabble! I love Scrabble! I play once a week with a co-worker at lunchtime and he usually kicks my ass. But it’s fun!

  1. You’re a relatively new knitter, so what’s your favorite yarn so far?

Hmm… I really liked working with the tape yarn to make Sherbet, and this self-striping sock yarn is fab, but I’m most looking forward to working with the Fiesta La Luz silk yarn that I got at Stitches West.

  1. Create a fabulous pretend meal for me (and feel free to provide recipes if you want!).

Since I don’t know what you like, I’ll just cook what *I* like, and I’m in the mood for comfort food right now 🙂

Stir fried sugar snow peas (from How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittleman)

Caesar salad with candied pecans and bleu cheese

Chicken with pan gravy and cornmeal dumplings (one of my favorite main meals, I love this recipe)

Maple-ginger creme brulee

That should do it 🙂

  1. What’s the next project you will cast on?

It’ll definitely be something for Susan. Either a scarf or wrist warmers with the Manos Cotton Stria I got, or possibly the Hallowig from Knitty in the Fiesta La Luz. I think that’ll be just adorable!

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