Let’s Talk Socks!

An update on my Revlon fundraising… Over the last few days I’ve gotten contributions from Kimberli and Carla, bringing my grand total to $110! That means I’ll be giving away fabulous raffle prizes to at least 2 of my sponsors! So far I’ve talked about spinning and sweets. So let’s talk socks!

I think we’ve established that I have a lot of sock yarn. Especially for someone who has knitted, so far, a single pair of socks (for sockapalooza!)

I have these:

And I’ve also got this koigu which was previously destined for a Clapotis but is now just plain old ‘sock yarn’ (if you can call anything this gorgeous ‘plain’):

If one of the lucky winners chooses the Sock Prize, I will give them:

– Two socks worth of any of my sock yarn (personally, I’d choose the Koigu, but I also have some Sockotta, Lornas’ Laces Shepherd, Lana Grossa, and Swizzle)

– One set of Lantern Moon DPN’s in an appropriate size to create socks with the chosen yarn

– One sock book – ‘Knit Socks’ or ‘Cool Socks Warm Feet’

A fabulous prize for any sock knitter, be they newbie or pro. If it speaks to you, click the ‘sponsor me’ link in the right hand sidebar and throw some money in the ring. Again, each dollar will get you a virtual raffle ticket and I’ll give prizes based on the total amount donated, as well as donating 10% of my total to a couple of my fellow runners.

Now, I’m running out of ideas, so let me know what kind of thing you would want if you could have some kind of goody that you wouldn’t buy for yourself. That’s the best kind of prize, in my mind.

And in actual knitting news, the moebius is still chugging along. I think I’ll need to get one more color to make this thing complete, but I’m pretty jazzed about how it looks so far. Despite the fact that it’s all scrunched up on the teenytiny 40″ circular.

I almost forgot to mention – my sockapalooza pal got her socks! And she liked them! And they fit! Very exciting 🙂

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