Lion of Willpower

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My friend Lyssa called me the Lion of Willpower, referring to my behavior while we were at Stitches West on Sunday. Methinks she might be engaging in a tiny bit of sarcasm. I started off well enough, petting (but not buying) the irresistable Lobster Pot cashmere and Honey Hill Alpaca, along with all the other fabulously soft and expensive yarns. Oh, no, I don’t need more yarn. I’m good! I have many projects to do, and the yarn to do them with. I bought enough stuff when I was here Friday, I don’t need to buy anything today. Really.

But flashing in the back of my head was this image of Michelle sitting on my couch and casting on for her Clapotis. I had a little whispering voice stuck in my head like a song you can’t shake… “Clapotis, clapotis, clapotis” the whole time I was wandering the aisles of the marketplace. There were these wonderful colorways at the Hand Jive booth. I love the Nature’s Palette yarn. I will own some soon. It would make a nice clapotis. But no! I am good! I do not. Need. More. Yarn. (clapotis, clapotis, clapotis) No, no, no!

We were almost through our first circuit, the marketplace was closing soon, so I went ahead and opened my wallet to buy some more roving. Yes, I know, I’m not very good at spinning yet. I am hoping I might get my friend to give me a lesson at spinning on a “real” wheel. Pretty harmless, one 4-oz ball of roving… well, maybe two. They’re so pretty…

Picture here

… once I opened my wallet, the floodgates were opened, but I still figured I was safe. After all, the marketplace closed in 15 minutes, how much trouble could I get in? Lyssa wanted to go check out some more of the cool needles near the Nature’s Palette yarn so we headed back there… and on the way I happened to see some Koigu. In my favorite colors. For $11/skein. I wrested myself away and went over to pet the Nature’s Palette. I found several colorways that I liked. But they were all *just* short of having enough for, you know, that project. (clapotis, clapotis, clapotis) I thought… well, I don’t know what I thought. I suspect I was beyond conscious thought at that time. The Koigu was calling me, from 4 aisles away. I don’t remember crossing those aisles but then there I was, standing in line, Koigu in hand.

Koigu. It’s hip, it’s now. It’s happening. A Clapotis in Koigu, well, you can hardly get more trendy than that. I will be the coolest knitter in blogland.

Picture here

Yup, tower of iron will, thy name is DomestiGirl!

On our last quick pass through, I noticed that Cat Bordhi was signing her books at the Knitters Studio booth. She is cool. Her books are cool. I had to get them because of the jester’s bag (which you can also wear on your head!) I own them both now and they are both signed.

Picture here

In one of her notes to me she said I had a great laugh. How could I not laugh after hearing the Mistress of Moebius telling me that the Fanny Basket was more properly named the Moebi-Ass (pictured here, lower left hand corner)

Picture here

So maybe I’m not the Lion of Willpower. But I sure have some great new stuff! My Secret Pal sent me an excellent package but it deserves its own entry, so I’ll do that one in the morning.