Long weekend…

I would hope that with a long weekend I’d get lots of time to knit. Hah! I seem to have contracted an annoying cold so I had lots of time to sleep, instead. Oh well. I did get my hair straightened on Thursday, it’s pretty darned cute now. You can see my previous funky hair in this fabulously flattering picture from the race pics on my fitness blog. And another with it nice and straight:

Picture hereThis is a picture

… which makes me happy. Yes, I am aware that some people use “blow dryers” and other new age equipment to make their hair behave in this way, but I do not have time for this kind of nonsense. It’s a lucky day when my hair meets a brush on the way out the door. So this hairstyle is great for me.

I swore to Michelle that I would not post a picture of my sock before turning the heel. I lied. Man, there are a *lot* of rows of stockinette. I know you’re all on the edge of your seats hoping to see the tubey top of a sock, so I won’t disappoint my adoring fans. Look, I even photographed it at a jaunty angle to conceal the dullness of the progress…

Picture here

Next time you see it, it will have a shaped heel!

Moving on… my next project (which may sneak in before I’m done with my socks) will be with this luscious yarn:

Picture here

It’s Fiesta Yarns, 100% Silk Chenille, in the Poppies colorway. I got it for $20 at Stitches West. Had no idea what a great score it was until I looked it up when I got home – it goes for $40/skein normally… It feels even more fabulous than it looks.

Anyhow, what does one *do* with a $20 hank of yarn? Well, actually, I plan to do something very silly with it. Since my friend has some stitches on her head, I’m going to knit her a silk hairstyle that she can wear when she wants, until her hair grows in. It should feel and look fabulous. I’ll be sure to take pictures of it before gifting it to her.

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