Nice couple of days…

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Food: Picture here

Exercise: Picture here

Tuesday: Martial Arts, 90 minutes

Wednesday: Martial Arts class: 45 minutes

It feels like I’m getting into a good rhythm here, getting back in the habit of making the time to get exercise in. Martial arts class over the last two days, good workouts, and I’m eating lots less. Tomorrow, more running!

For anyone out there planning to get started on a new program, I highly recommend getting a good book on heart zone training so you can increase your fitness level gradually and without stressing your body too much. A great book is Fit and Fat by Sally Edwards… check it out. I need to get a copy for myself – I’m implementing a strict book allowance starting on Friday so I need to buy all my books now!

And while I’m on a buying spree, I’m having a hard time resisting getting one of the new GPS Heart rate monitor things. But they’re really expensive and don’t track calories. For now I’ll stick with my Polar M51, which tracks calories, heart rate, all the useful stuff. Maybe when it warms up and I run outside more I’ll want the GPS tracker.

Got some excellent news today – I get to be in another Field beta test for Nike shoes – sometimes it’s nice to have size 12 feet. Looking forward to playing in another butt-ugly pair of test shoes, for sure…