Odds and Ends and Socks

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Odds and Ends #1: I fear I have been a horribly ungrateful Secret Pal recipient. When I detailed the niftiness that was my Secret Pal Package I neglected possibly the coolest thing – some adorable stitch markers made, I believe, from earrings. She even mentioned them in her helpful note but being the airhead I am, I missed the mention entirely and didn’t see the markers until I dove into the candy this morning:

Picture here

Aren’t those cool? Thanks again, SP! And especially thanks for not saying something like *Ahem*, did you actually read my note?

Odds and Ends #2: A couple of months ago I taught my friend (the one in the ICU) to knit. She promptly started on a scarf but found herself short yarn to make the length she wanted. She intended to get herself another ball, but I wasn’t sure if she’d succeeded, so while I was on my whirlwind Yarn Tour I got another ball for her. She’ll be getting better enough to need some entertainment soon, I have faith:

Picture here

Socks: OK, this time for sure. I have cast on for these socks 6 times. First, I used some Bamboo DPN’s with Lorna’s Laces. After 3 tries, I was unable to create anything but a fuzzy amorphous blob. I did what any good knitter would do. I blamed the splittiness of Lorna’s Laces and the snagginess of the Bamboo DPNs. So I got some more sock yarn and DPNs (see Sunday’s post for the gory details) and cast on my lovely Lantern Moon DPNs with Lana Grossa yarn and a new pattern. Not splitty, not snaggy. And yet it took me *3* more tries to get something remotely resembling a rib for the top. I felt so fumbly and klutzy trying to wrangle the triangle. But I think I’m getting the hang of it! Look, it even looks kinda socky!

Picture here

I am aware that I have yet to get to the fun heel turn but please don’t harsh my buzz right now. The ribs look ribby, the stripes are cute, I have finally made some progress on the Sock. I am no longer a SockTard. I now have 6 inches of fascinating stockinette stitch before the next exciting section of the sock. Perfect timing, too, we have Desperate Housewives on the Tivo!