Off and running!

Food: Picture here

Exercise: Picture here

Run/Walk 1/2 minutes: 45 minutes

A better job today… I had a chantico but the rest of the day was pretty darned good (well, there were a couple of cookies but overall a very decent day, probably under 1500 calories with lots of fiber and protein).

I decided that if I’m going to run in some races I should probably get started pretty soon now on the actual running thing. Running… that sounds familiar. I wonder if I might possibly have a book or two on running in my office…

Picture here

Ah yes, there they are. Thumbed through and found the best ‘getting back on the horse’ program for myself and ran today. It felt really good and I definitely burned off that Chantico. Ended up going 2.75 miles with the warmup/cooldown so I’m feeling good about my goals for this whole racing thing.

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