One more interview!

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Yes, that’s right, ladies and gentlemen, one more post on the fascinating topic of *ME* 🙂

Suzie snuck in with one more set of questions for me to answer…

<font color=blue>1. What type of buddhist training would you like to do? (Zen? Vipassana? Other?)</font>

Living as I do in the Santa Cruz mountains, very near to The Land of Medicine Buddha, I’d mostly likely go the Tibetan Buddhist route. My kids even went to summer school there one year, which was pretty cool. It’s very peaceful and calm up there.

<font color=blue>2. What is your favorite thing about living on the coast? </font>

I love being able to go down to the beach, just watch the waves, smell the sea air, and feel the breeze off the water. I’ve pretty much always lived on the coast (although I’m a SoCal girl by nature). I wish the water up here was warmer, but even so I love just watching the water. I feel very lucky that I can go running along the bike path on West Cliff Drive.

<font color=blue>3. Favorite Show on NPR? </font>

Marketplace! I love that show. Also like Morning Edition and All Things Considered. I would love CarTalk if only I were able to listen to it at a time that’s convenient to me. Maybe now that I have a Serius satellite radio I can find a time that I can listen to it. If only there were a Tivo for my radio 🙂

<font color=blue>4. I love baking too! What’s your favorite kind of pie? </font>

The pie I want to get really good at is the Graham Cracker Cream Pie my aunt used to make, but the pie I’m best at now is my kabocha pumpkin pie. I keep meaning to post the recipe, but I haven’t yet. Heck, I promised to post the recipe for Molasses cookies but I haven’t done that yet either. But I will!

<font color=blue>5. What did you think of Martha’s Poncho?</font>

Well, it was ugly. But I think that it was a very sweet gesture for someone to make her a poncho, and extremely sweet for her to acknowledge it like she did. I think that Manolo was a little overly mean about it. On the other hand, it *was* ugly.