Perfumer’s Apprentice

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One of the Christmas Gifts I got this year was a gift certificate for a session at a place in Santa Cruz called The Perfumer’s Apprentice, so the gifter and I headed down there this afternoon to play. It was this totally cool place where they set you up at an individual station with 80 different natural essences, and you go through the process of creating your own personal fragrance – you smell the essences, create scent sticks for the ones you like, wave the sticks under your nose until you find a combination you like, and then mix them together in essential oil. Her prices are great – $15 for a session, which includes 2 products (so either 2 oils with different mixes or one oil and a hand lotion, shower gel, other product with your original scent). Additional stuff is $5/item… I had so much fun that I ended up making 3 different scents: The names are mine, please excuse any cheesiness.

– Hawaiian Sunrise: Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Cinnamon

– Meadowy Breeze: White Grapefruit, Verbeena, Vanilla, Sweet Basil

– Fresh Cookie: Lime, Verbeena, Vanilla, Cinnamon

Picture here

They’re all totally different and all very cool. I put them all in the “Hall of Fame” – if someone wants to just buy my mix off the shelf I get some credit toward future stuff.

What a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon…