Quest for Addis

2 minute read

As I’ve mentioned, I live in an area with an inordinate number of LYS’s. And yet my attempts to locate an Addi Turbo in something larger than 40″ have been met with cheerfully delivered, chirpy answers which basically boil down to ‘you silly girl, nobody needs anything that long!’

The Yarn Place, one of my fave LYS’s, assured me in no uncertain terms that I could do *anything* on a 40″ and I didn’t need anything longer, no sir! To their credit, they did provide me with the perfect yarn for the kitty bed so I’ll forgive them this lapse and assume that they just haven’t ever made any large moebius projects. However, the 40″ was severely short of what I needed so I’ve been shopping around and trying to find a longer length.

I prefer to patronize my LYS’s over online vendors for various reasons, and so I was darned frustrated when all of them said they had nothing longer than 40″.

But hark! There is a new LYS in town (as if we didn’t have enough of them)! The Swift Stitch has just opened on the West Side of Santa Cruz, so I called them to ask (not very hopefully) whether they had long Addis. They weren’t open but still the owner answered the phone and very cheerfully helped me. It was a much different conversation than the previous ones I’d had:

Me (somewhat gloomily): I don’t suppose you have any addi turbos in 47″ or 60″?

Her: Oh, are you making a moebius project? Let me check my stock. (little wait) I have all sizes in 47″, but we don’t have any 60″ lengths in right now. Would you like me to call and order them? I could have them in by Thursday.

Me: That would be great! I don’t suppose you have any Cascade Magnum in stock… in the bright red color? I didn’t buy enough for this project.

Her: Oh yes, that’s wonderful yarn! We have 2 skeins and I’ll put them aside for you to get when the needles come in.

She called back about 15 minutes later to report that the needles would be here for sure by Thursday, maybe Wednesday, and she’d call to let me know when they arrived.

Boy howdy, what a great phone call! This week I’ll have my long needles, the yarn for the kitty bed, all from my new LYS. She’s just as chirpy as the other yarn sellers, but her service level left me all warm and fuzzy so I had to share.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll manage to get a pic of the broad ripple socks! The fixation yarn is really fun to work with, not fussy at all – great for TV knitting.