Random Thrashing

Happy Monday everyone…

It was a very busy weekend, running around to beach bonfire parties and summer camp open houses and all kinds of other mania, leaving precious little time for knitting, alas. The broad ripple socks, I’m sorry to say, are still only about 2-1/2 inches long and not worthy of a picture yet. And yet, even with no pictures, I feel like blathering on my blog so here I am with some random thoughts because I know you will find them riveting.

  1. The good news is, I got to run by the beach this morning. The bad news… ow. I have strained my achilles tendon by increasing my mileage too fast for the Revlon Run/Walk. It says in all the books ‘don’t increase your mileage by more than 10-20% a week’ so I went out and increased my mileage by about 200% in a week and duh, my achilles tendon is now sad. Go figure. I’ll rest it this week and hope I’m in better shape by the time the Revlon run/walk comes around in 2 weeks.
    • I found the new best-ever spam killer for movable type. Seriously, this thing is da bomb, very configurable. SpamLookup. Get it, install it, live a blissful spam-free life while still getting comments on your MT blog.
      • What the heck is up with Google this morning? I’m glad there’s a Netherlands version, really I am, but please don’t redirect me there. I’m guessing it’s the work of some bored hacker. Hopefully by the time you read this entry you’ll be baffled by it, but trust me, for some reason this morning google.com is redirecting to google.nl
        • Those wacky searchers are at it again. I am so sorry to report that I do not have a pattern for Susan’s scarf from Desperate Housewives. Nor for her sweater. Really, very sorry. I hope you find it. And, uh, “penitent whipping self jpg”? I know that I did use all of those words (except for jpg) in the chapter I posted from my romance novel, but I’m guessing that’s not what you were looking for. My apologies also to the person looking for “incredibles elasti-girl porn pictures”. Now there’s an interesting mental image!
          • I got one of those little icon things for my blog! But I’m not sure if I like it… anyone have any opinions about the little starry D thing? I can muck with it some more. Did anyone else realize what a Windows-centric thing that format is? I had to do some serious scrounging around to be able to create one on my mac. But I am stubborn. And so there it is.
            • I still haven’t ordered those 60″ Addi Turbos. Partly because once I order those needles I’ll have to cough up some more money for the Cascade Magnum – I only got 2 skeins and I need something closer to 6. It’s not like the stuff is expensive, I just don’t like admitting I got my patterns messed up. Also I’ve been too lazy (still!) to bring in my VISA from the car or find a different yarn store that actually takes Amex. Plus it still really irks me that none of my LYS’s (and there are many!) carry the Addis in anything larger than 40″. Even the Knitter’s Studio, which is Mentioned By Name in the Magical Knitting Books. Makes me stomp my foot like a frustrated toddler… which brings us back to #1 – the hurty achilles tendon. In The Land of Domestigirl, all things are related. Especially on Whiny Mondays…
              • If we could please all think really strong positive thoughts about Susan actually getting transferred to Santa Cruz today, that would be great. Thanks. </ol>

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