Kirsten Hunter

A passionate API evangelist with a soft spot for IoT, mashups and a crazy great developer experience. I am curious, creative and consistently excel at developer support. As a speaker, I am dynamic, engaging and inspiring.



PDF Resume

Irresistible APIs

Work Experience

Akamai Technologies, Inc.

API Evangelist

June 2014 – Present

As part of the Developer Relations Group I am committed to developer success.

  • Written documentation and tutorials
  • Design and delivery of customer bootcamps worldwide
  • Development and organization of yearly customer developer training

Work Experience

API Evangelist / Ninja


  • 3Scale: API Ninja, helped customers with APIs and created API Codex.
  • LinkedIn: Developer Advocate and Partner Support Engineer
  • Netflix: Partner Integration Engineer

For more information on these positions see my LinkedIn Profile.


Irresistible APIs


Publication date: August, 2016

  • Irresistible APIs, my first book, focuses on the process of creating APIs developers love to use.
  • My related talk has been given at dozens of conferences, and is highly regarded.
  • I’m currently developing a Pluralsight course on the same topic.

Online courses

I’ve created multiple courses for including:

  • Learning MongoDB
  • Learning AWS Lambda
  • Database Clinic: MongoDB
  • Becoming a Polyglot
  • Creating APIs using Hapi and Node.js


Recent technologies

I’ve worked with the following technologies recently:

  • MongoDB - Created a Lynda course on Learning Mongo and the MongoDB portion of Lynda’s Database Clinic.
  • Lambda - Created multiple example applications and a course on Learning AWS Lambda.


Becoming a Polyglot

I am relatively comfortable in several interpreted languages. In fact, I have a talk and repository - Becoming a Polyglot which creates an API engine in Python, Perl, Node.js, PHP and Ruby. This has been turned into a class as well.

API Love

  • I created an iPad/iPhone application using the Freebase, Amazon Product Advertising, and Netflix APIs to provide a superior search experience for movies.
  • I have created libraries and sample applications for the Netflix, LinkedIn and Fitbit APIs.
  • I am constantly seeking out new ways to use and combine existing APIs to provide fun and original new interfaces.

Hardware Innovation

  • I created an arduino based compass vest with el-wire for a party
  • More recently, I made a chained-IoT demo for Gluecon, with a Sphero, Raspberry Pi, Philips Hue lightbulb and a Parrot Drone.

Developer Experience

For teaching code examples I carefully craft a README and include a docker container for quick startup.

In my job as an API Evangelist, I create tutorials, guides, example code and blog posts to guide our developers to success. I also present my speaking topics in narrative format so people can understand the topic offline.