Revlon Run/Walk

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And now for some non-knitting news…

As you may have heard, Revlon is having a 5K run/walk in Los Angeles on May 7th. In fact, you may have seen the mention on JenLa or Michelle’s blog. Yes, I do feel the tiniest bit guilty about copying their idea of mentioning it on their blog. And yet here I am, mentioning it.

Most of us know someone, a friend or family member, who has wrestled with breast cancer. If you can give even a little toward the research we might get closer to finding a cure. I know, I know, there are lots of important causes out there and this one may not be your first priority. So I’ll sweeten the pot a bit… I’m going to do 2 things to encourage you to sponsor me in this run:

  1. I’m going to hold a virtual raffle. For every dollar you donate you will get a virtual raffle ticket. Even better, I’m going to let you tell me what kind of prize you’d most like. Needles? Sock Yarn? Roving? The Yarn Harlot’s Book? Something from my run/walk goodie bag? You name it, I’ll either cough it up from my stash or go out and get it for you. Or even make it for you, if what you want is one of my attempts at knitting. Which could make me seriously doubt your sanity, but it’s your prize.
The number of prizes awarded will be directly related to the amount raised.
$0 – $100 : 1 prize
$100-$250 : 2 prizes
$250-$500 : 3 prizes
$400+ : 5 prizes</p> 
  * The second thing I&#8217;m going to do is increase your donation by donating to other runners. For every $10 I receive I will split up $1 between Michelle and La (so I don&#8217;t feel so guilty). So if I get $100, I&#8217;ll donate $5 to each of them&#8230; the money all goes the same place! </ol> 
    So c&#8217;mon people, make me bleed! It&#8217;s for a good cause and all that!
    I&#8217;ve put a link to my fundraising page over -> there. Here&#8217;s [another one]( for good measure.
    Tomorrow I shall return to the fascinating world of my knitting 🙂