Santa Cruz 1/2 Marathon

Well, it was called the half marathon but I only did the 10K course. Still, I managed 13:58 miles which I’m very happy about! We did 15’s on the way out (until the turnaround) so we must have done 13’s on the way back, very nice! After running this race in shoes one size too large I went over to Running Revolution and they video taped me running on the treadmill until we found some perfect shoes for me – new Asics, very comfy!

And there are PICTURES! Actually I also got my pics back from the SF run as well but I need to scan one in… but here are the pictures from the Santa Cruz race:

Picture herePicture here

Me! At the finish line but still smiling. That guy blazing along behind me was doing the 1/2 marathon, so he did his race twice as fast as I did mine. Someday I hope to be fast enough not to be lapped by anyone. Gotta keep those goals attainable 🙂

Picture here

Amy and myself about a mile from the finish. I told her ‘look happy!’ hence her somewhat incredulous expression.

Picture here

Amy, finishing strong…

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