Scenes from Santa Cruz

This has been a good day.

I have had a very stressful couple of weeks, which has been compounded by the fact that I apparently forgot that I turn into a raving lunatic when I don’t exercise. Sometimes I fear that I am not very bright. Finally, this morning, I took a long, hard look at myself and realized that I might stop flapping my arms and squaking like a rabid chicken if I moved my body around. So I went running. And I felt a lot better. And tonight I went to martial arts, and felt even better. And my wonderful husband went and dealt with my martial arts school issue, which was a huge load off of my mind. I think I’ll keep him…

Also, I made a to-do list and moved a lot of things to the ‘done’ category. Plus the remaining list looks manageable. It’s really not that bad. Not even the ‘work’ part. The ‘non-work’ item I’m looking most forward to is finding good prizes for the raffle winners. I really love trying to match stuff to people, and I’m hoping to get all the goodies in the mail tomorrow. And I feel so good having raised this money, I’m glad to give some of you a little something to thank you for participating with me!

My co-worker is finally back from vacation so I went to lunch with him, which was fun. He allows me to babble non-stop (most people roll their eyes, but he just looks amused and waits until I’m out of breath before he tries to talk). Plus I got some much-needed perspective by talking to a homeless person while Erik (my co-worker) ran into the deli to buy him a sandwich. Erik’s a good guy. I’m proud to know him. Don’t tell him I said so, though. His head is already fairly swollen, especially on the days when he kicks my ass at Scrabble.

And now that my to-do list looks more manageable I can get back to knitting on those poor neglected socks. And cast on for the kitty bed. And my summer tank. What the heck, I might even get that one DONE before the summer is out. The J4M KAL may be just what I need, an excuse to spoil myself for a little while and stop feeling like the world will stop spinning if I take the time to soak myself in the tub… or knit for a while just because I want to. Apparently the world doesn’t require that I race around non-stop without stopping to smell the roses. Thank goodness.

It looks like Susan will be coming home this week. She’s been doing so well in rehab, I’m so proud of her.

All of the electronic equipment in my office (hardware VPN router, wireless router, network backup drive…) is working correctly and flawlessly. Of course, my office *does* need a tiny bit of tidying but it’s on my list! Also the order for my new Powerbook went in today, so I’ll have a new computer sometime next week.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention… I FOUND the lost yarn!

Like I said, a Very Good Day. Tomorrow there will be pictures. Of something.

Good night, all.


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