Secret Valentines!

My friend is still slowly improving, but I’ve nonetheless been in a pretty deep funk despite my best efforts to the contrary (how can someone stay funky at Stitches? But, I was still gloomy in my heart.

In this kind of state, what is the best thing to cheer me up? I know, I know, candy! No wait, maybe yarn. Hmm… candy, yarn… hard to choose. Both are good, sweetness for the inside, snuggliness for the outside.

So what did my excellent SP4 Secret Pal send me? (yes, I know, I am a Secret Pal Harlot. So sue me 🙂

Picture here

Look! Candy *and* stash enhancement. Noro yarn! And more sock yarn – goes to show how well my Secret Pal has been following along. There will soon be a sock post which doesn’t feature a picture of me tearing my hair out. I’m actually starting to enjoy this porcupine wrestling. Sort of.

Thank you so much, Secret Pal! It’s all great stuff. I love the Noro, and can’t wait to knit something with it.

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