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As most of my readers have probably noticed, I tend to keep a lot on my plate at once. I’ve got a lot of energy, and a lot of things I want to do with that energy. However, I’m not necessarily good (who am I kidding, I’m completely awful) at the whole ‘day-to-day’ things that other people magically achieve. Keeping track of my keys/phone/credit cards. Making/keeping appointments. Yes, I have ical and it’s very nice… when I remember to start it up. It even puts schedule on my phone… when I remember to tell it to sync.

Anyhow, one of the things about which I am so neglectful is my car. Thank heavens it’s a Honda so it doesn’t need much attention, but periodically, yes, I need to have it serviced. Last time I had it serviced was *waves hands vaguely* a while ago, and about a month ago I noticed that my brakes were squeaky and I made a mental note that I *should* make an *appointment* to get the brakes fixed (oh, and an oil change too). This morning I realized the squeak was gone and the squish had appeared. Uh oh.

Now, usually what I do at this point is to call and make an appointment with the auto guy for 3 weeks from yesterday and spend all of the intervening time certain that my brakes are going to go out, killing my family, because I am a flake. Oh, I know, I could drive my husband’s car most of the time. But he doesn’t have satellite radio, so that’s out.

Anyhow, being as I am a research fiend, I checked Monterey Bay Opinions to see if I could find any highly rated local auto folks so I could start the ticking clock of anxiety before the brakes are actually fixed. I picked the most highly rated place and called them up. He said “I can fit you in any time after Tuesday…” (at this, my heart leaped. Tuesday, that’s not so bad!) “…or I had a cancellation today if you can come in right now.” Hurray! So now I’m sitting in Starbucks while my car becomes less squeaky and more safe. I’m very happy to have been so lucky – must be clean living or something.

I managed to unpack my yarn yesterday, so I can get back to work on those Fixation Broadripple Socks. Our house is starting to really shape up well, and I’m starting to feel somewhat less anxious about things in general… plus I’ve been assured that I will see the sun next month so I’m looking forward to that.

Oh hey, I also found my camera, so I will put up some pictures reallyreallyreally soon!