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The Birthday Girl

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Happy Birthday Victoria! My daughter turned 9 yesterday and we had a weekend filled with celebratory fun.

On Saturday we had a wonderful party at the Perfumer’s Apprentice in Santa Cruz. The woman who runs this place is truly incredible, with her love of all things scentual and her vast stores of knowledge. I bought an ice cream cake from Coldstone, and Linda (the Perfumer’s Apprentice lady) did pretty much everything else, and as a mom I can tell you it was one of the least stressful birthday parties I’ve ever been involved in. Some of the moms stayed to play and we ended up with 16 people mixing and matching the smells to find the best combination for them. Everybody created their own special scent (using the hundreds of essential oils available for mixing) and went home with a vial of scented oil as well as some body mist. It was like a girly science experiment party and it was incredibly fun for everyone. I can’t recommend this place highly enough if you live anywhere near Santa Cruz. It’s a real treat and quite a deal at $15 – she’s created a wonderful space just to hang out in, and the making of your own perfume is a great bonus.

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Mixing perfume is hard work

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Instead of having all presents for Victoria, we had a game swap, so all the participants got to go home with a fun game to play as well. I really prefer this kind of thing for larger parties, because otherwise you end up with a gazillion things that never get played with again, and it’s much nicer than the usual goodie bags… I think we’ve all had enough of those for a lifetime 🙂

We came home on Saturday and colored eggs for Sunday (see below :-). Also Victoria got her presents from us, including a</a> cell phone, which made her deliriously happy.

On Sunday (her actual birthday) we went up to San Francisco to participate in an Ostara ritual put on by the Reclaiming group – we headed up there with my cousin and her family as well as another friend and her daughter. The weather couldn’t have been nicer for spreading out a bunch off food on a neat sheet and enjoying the day. Not surprisingly, the circle got started somewhat late, but once it started everyone had fun, singing, dancing, playing with a parachute… and at the end there was an egg hunt for all the kids. My daughter happily reports that it was a wonderful birthday weekend.

Welcome Spring!