Short run yesterday – ran 2 miles on the treadmill and discovered that at 4.5 mph my legs get tired before my heart rate goes above 165. This is very cool, because that’s what I’ve been looking for. No, 4.5 mph is not very fast. But now I can start really training my *legs* instead of having my workout completely driven by heartrate. A very nice thing indeed!

Martial arts tonight, no running to speak of.

Measurements! I promised measurements. I have updated them in my sidebar (start/current). My waist has not shrunk, darnit. But my hips, which were annoying me greatly, have. And my arm is a bit more dainty, that’s kinda nice. And I lost 5.5 pounds during the month which is also pretty groovy.

Tomorrow my hair will go from the wacky mess you see in the pictures on the previous entry to a smooth and flat wonderland. Can’t wait!

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