Sitting Pretty

And now for something completely different… I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles to see the finished sockapalooza sock but it’s not done yet, so I thought I’d do a commercial break for my mom. She’s a fabulous artist who has a piece in the Healdsburg “Sitting Pretty” fundraiser/auction tomorrow night, so if you’re in the North Bay you might run by the Plaza Arts Center and take a look at her cool chair. The fundraiser provides money for the center, which provides classes and local school art programs.

Her description: The design is inspired by Gustav Klimt, specifically his painting, Three Phases (Faces?) of Woman. I only included two of the faces – the other was an old crone. He does a lot of decorative gold leaf, which I tried on the hair, quilt and the patterns on the back.

Here’s some photos…

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