Spurred by the blog posting on our corporate site advertising that we were going to update the MT 3.2 Socialtext Cross-posting plugin to 4.0, I took some time to do the work yesterday and make it true.

The MT developer documentation is a little light for 4.0 at this point, so updating the plugin to use the new callbacks was a little like stumbling around in a dark room looking for a particular color of ball. I tried looking at a few other 4.0 plugins but finally ended up just spelunking through the code to figure out which bits I had to flip to get my plugin to work. It was a little trickier because I needed to hijack a bit of the entry template so I could add the ability to turn on/off crossposting, and I wanted it to look spiffy in the context of the rest of the entry page.

I managed to get the plugin to work correctly, and am using it to cross-post this post to the Socialtext Open Workspace. The plugin is accessable from the Open Workspace as well.

One more thing off my list of things to do before I leave. I still need to get the commenting working on the TPF wiki-based bloggish website with OpenID so that we can have one backend running both TPF sites and simply posting the information there will cause the right thing to happen.

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