Socks and Answers

Well I’ve been an absent blogger because every free minute has been consumed by trying to finish the socks on time. Unfortunately, today is the 15th and the socks didn’t go out. Yet. They’re well underway, though:

Picture here

I hope to finish in a couple of days and then send them off. Yes, I know that I have to finish the toe on the first one, but I figured I’d do them at the same time.

My pal sent me my socks, though, and they’re wonderful!

Picture here

They fit *perfectly*, as you can see, and they are comfortable and beautiful. I love them lots.

I got another couple of reciprocal interview questions, and since I know you’re all dying to know more about me I’ll answer them now:

La of JenLa asked these most excellent questions:

1. What advice would you give a new telecommuter to keep him from going entirely stir-crazy the way of The Shining and taking his whole family with him?

It’s hard to say. Certain people are just ok with telecommuting and other people need to interact with people. But I do interact with people. My day usually looks like this: Get up, get ready, kick the kids outta bed, go downstairs and start breakfast/lunches, check email and cases, finish getting the kids ready, take kids to school and chat a bit with the other moms, go to Starbucks for iced tea, come home, work for a couple of hours, go eat lunch with someone… you get the idea. I probably work 45-50 hours most weeks, but not all in a *row* so I have time to go see people. Sometimes I work from Starbucks or Borders just to scratch the ‘be around other people’ itch. I’m super productive because I don’t go to meetings, and my boss thinks I’m great. If my kids weren’t in school and my husband didn’t have his own office I’d probably become an axe murderer.

<font color= purple >2. How far have you gotten on your novel? Can you give us a teaser?</font>

I threw the first chapter of my book in this entry. Sadly, I haven’t had the time (or made the time) to get more done. Yet.

<font color= purple >3. What is a lap band? Were you satisfied with your results?</font>

The lap band is a minimally invasive weight loss surgery. There’s lots of info about it on my lap band site, but basically it’s like a little adjustable watch band around the top of your stomach making a little pouch so you get full faster. I lost over 100 pounds – I gained some of it back after I got an infection from my tummy tuck, so I’m at about 80 pounds now, but I am very satisfied with my results even so. I’m even happy with the tummy tuck but I won’t show you those before/after pictures unless you really wanna see them.

<font color= purple >4. What has been your favorite project thus far?</font>

I loved making Sherbet, that was very fun. And it looks so great on Kaily, so it was very gratifying 🙂

<font color= purple >5. If you could have any super-power you wanted what would it be and why?</font>

Well, flying of course. Does anyone ever pick anything different? I would love to be able to see the world from above.

And Terby asked me these questions:

1) What made you decide to do your first triathlon?

My friend talked me into it. I had only had my lap band for a year and was trying to really commit to consistent training. I do much better when I’m training for a goal so it worked out well. It was super fun, too 🙂

2) If you could take lessons from any chef, alive or dead, whom would you choose?

I’d love to learn from Alton Brown. He’s such a food geek and understands the *why* of everything, which is fascinating to me.

3) Where would you go on your dream vacation?

I would go back to Cozumel or Hawaii. I love diving and both places were amazingly relaxing and nice to see. I’d also love to go to New Zealand or Fiji someday.

4) What question do you wish I had asked?

What are we doing for the kids’ spring break? We’re going to Disneyland! We went when the Girl turned 2, 4, and 6… now she’s turning 8. So we have no choice, you see!

5) Egyptian theme Fry’s or Western theme? Discuss.

I like the Egyptian theme… I’m more fond of the look, personally (love the Rosicrucian museum!) plus the layout of the other Fry’s annoys me.

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