Sur La Table!

On Thursday my friend and I went to Sur La Table to take a class “Pies and Tarts 101”. It was a workshop so we got to play with the food ourselves, and it was pretty darned fun (except for a couple of grumpy people who we mostly avoided). We worked on the Lemon Saboyon Tart, which came out quite well in the class.

During intermission, we got to wander around and shop, and I picked up some cool goodies. Look how well I focussed on pastry related items! And I even got some stuff for my kids, what a caring mom I am.

Picture here

I attempted to make the Lemon Saboyon Tart at home but it didn’t work out nearly as well, probably because I used Meyer Lemons instead of regular lemons and their zest is much different. Everyone seemed to like it, but I probably won’t make it again since I spent 2-1/2 hours standing at the stove adding eggs/sugar/wine and mixing frantically. And the pinenut cookie crust was great (in fact we have some extra dough from that and I might just use it for some cookies – that stuff is fabulous).

Since I’m putting all my cooking entries in here now, I think I’ll participate in one of the food blog MEME’s, Sugar High Fridays on February 11. Have to go check out some puff pastry recipes and get some inspiration!

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